About Nicola

Welcome! This site was born out of a personal journey to find meaning and more joy and freedom in my life: especially in my work life – an area where I had struggled for years to feel deeply fulfilled. I always believed the answers were ‘out there’ – in that dream job, leaving the corporate world for good or starting my own creative business.

But after (a lot) of seeking and over a decade of sheer frustration, I came to realise that all the answers I was looking for were found within. 

By connecting with my core personal truth and living my life in alignment with that truth, I experience immense joy and freedom. I call this way of living – authentic living – because it is all about aligning your life and your choices to your unique truth. 

If you are interested in taking your personal journey further, I have designed a 3 step practice that you can implement in your daily life. On this site  I share tips, thoughts and exercises that have empowered me. I would love to hear from you. With love, Nicola