While I’ve been away: Finding my ‘why’ + a fun ‘test’

For the past 3 months I stepped away from the busyness of the world to take really long holiday, self-connect and (most importantly) define my why. I wanted to clarify my world view and understand how, and if, this could be of service to others. To rewind: 2017 was my year to take a time […]

Why so many people don’t see themselves as creative

A couple days ago I met a true power woman. She runs a successful business, lectures and is passionate about making a difference. She looks after her health and is a dedicated mom. She was telling me about her new home renovation plans and her love for gardening. I made a remark about her creative […]

Why mind(full)ness matters

Mindfulness is the art of being present in the moment. It’s a form of meditation that doesn’t require a quiet space or solitude but can be done at any point throughout your day, no matter where you are. Personally, I find that the busier the environment, the easier it is to practice. But we’ll get […]

Finding our true nature in nature

Earlier this week, I returned from a five day nature connection retreat held in the Walker Bay marine conservation area near Cape Town. The retreat was held by renowned animal communicator, Anna Breytonbach, and was focussed on teaching the basics of nature and animal connection. It was an incredible opportunity to really tune in to […]

How (true) Authentic Living gave me (true) freedom

Almost exactly a year ago to the day, I sat alone in a hotel room in Bucharest and decided the time had come for me to change my life. I was visiting for work; being part of a global management team that was mostly European based and travelled frequently. Although we were staying in a […]

An A-type’s guide to switching off

Compared to the couple years preceding it, 2017 started with a flurry of activity (and I am not only talking about the inauguration of infamous presidents or the speeches of others). Nope: this excitement was purely selfish and involved me designing a new way of living/working/being in the world. However, probably unlike the aforementioned presidents, […]

Reflecting on endings

Today, a journey comes to an end for me. It got me thinking about life – and death – with all its seasons. Today I’ll be taking time to pause and reflect on all I learnt on this path and the lessons I will be taking into my new adventure. Share This:

How to love your job (yes, even your current one)

It seems hypocritical to me that I should even attempt to write a post about loving my job. If I take a backward glance at my career, I could possibly only give honest advice in one category: job-hopping. Moving onto the next best thing every two years – or less – was my game. The […]

The Work Life Balance Myth

In a recent magazine interview I was asked to give my views on whether I have a good work / life balance and, if so, the secret to my success. At first I was unable to answer. I stared at the question for ages, answered the others and circled back to it again. On the […]