Finding our true nature in nature

Earlier this week, I returned from a five day nature connection retreat held in the Walker Bay marine conservation area near Cape Town. The retreat was held by renowned animal communicator, Anna Breytonbach, and was focussed on teaching the basics of nature and animal connection. It was an incredible opportunity to really tune in to myself and connect with like minded humans from around the world.


One evening, lying in bed reading on my Kindle, I was prompted to look up the definition of ‘Nature’. I don’t believe it’s a word I have ever needed to understand before – something so commonplace, I took it for granted. A simple tap on my screen pulled up the definiton from the Oxford English Dictionary, which looked something like this:


“Naturemass noun – The phenomena of the physical world collectively, including plants, animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations. e.g. ‘the breathtaking beauty of nature’”


As I am sure you are, I was astounded to see this in black and white. How can it be that nature excludes man? How can it be that we have separated ourselves from everything around us? The reference to ‘products of the earth’ bought to mind the shelves in a supermarket.


Of course, looking at the state of our oceans and earth, it’s not really that hard to believe but for something as seemingly sanctimonious and ubiquitious as the English dictionary to commit to this in its pages, it left me with the chills.


Much has been written about the reasons for this divide – from (incorrect) religious interpretation to the so-called fathers of modern philosophy who so easily declared nature to be at man’s disposal.


But the theory no longer matters.


What does matter is that the human species is in crisis. Our separation and superiority from other species and one another has caused our self-made suffering.


What I did come to experience in the beauty of the retreat space, was how necessary it is to firmly place ourselves back into the definition of nature. This re-immersion is necessary to fully entrench our two-legged species in the natural order and really open ourselves to feel the connections around us. It doesn’t start with changing the dictionary or arguing about religious semantics or waiting for someone else to do something. It is up to me, you, your mother, my brother, a colleague, our friends to take back our birth right as part of the natural world. It may be painful to acknowledge our part in this destruction but by tuning in and feeling our place, we will no longer feel separated but held.


So how can we find our true nature in nature?


  • Be open to the possibility that we are connected to every single thing around us – from that spider above your bed, the whale in the ocean to the tree outside your office window.
  • Spend time being still and feeling your connection with the entire natural order. Our ancestral memories are literally encoded into our DNA.
  • Replace thinking with feeling when making choices around other species.
  • Connect with fellow human animals and drop judgment on those that are seemingly making nature-detrimental decisions. We all partake in this in some way and are to be held accountable. Pointing fingers doesn’t help – let’s rather collaborate to change it.
  • Be responsible for your own inner work – by connecting with your own true nature, you make it easier for others around you to do the same.


If you would like to learn more about connecting with your own true nature, please visit my website to download a free guide to (true) authentic living by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “Finding our true nature in nature

  1. Beautifully written piece Nicola and much to reflect on. Since my trip to Namibia I’ve been negotiating what first appeared to be malaria but is now presenting as tick bite fever… so typing this is rather painful. The tick has brought with it a certain medicine… hard to digest for this nervous system yet opening me to a deeper embrace of all that is in Existence. Once the veils lift, there is indeed no separation…

    1. Oh dear, so sorry to hear that you are not well but also grateful that you have this healing opportunity! As you know, sometimes that medicine is what we need to shed and go deeper into our true nature. We are human animals after all and need to feel that connection (and pain) at times.

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