An A-type’s guide to switching off

Compared to the couple years preceding it, 2017 started with a flurry of activity (and I am not only talking about the inauguration of infamous presidents or the speeches of others). Nope: this excitement was purely selfish and involved me designing a new way of living/working/being in the world. However, probably unlike the aforementioned presidents, […]

How to love your job (yes, even your current one)

It seems hypocritical to me that I should even attempt to write a post about loving my job. If I take a backward glance at my career, I could possibly only give honest advice in one category: job-hopping. Moving onto the next best thing every two years – or less – was my game. The […]

The Work Life Balance Myth

In a recent magazine interview I was asked to give my views on whether I have a good work / life balance and, if so, the secret to my success. At first I was unable to answer. I stared at the question for ages, answered the others and circled back to it again. On the […]