While I’ve been away: Finding my ‘why’ + a fun ‘test’

For the past 3 months I stepped away from the busyness of the world to take really long holiday, self-connect and (most importantly) define my why. I wanted to clarify my world view and understand how, and if, this could be of service to others.

To rewind: 2017 was my year to take a time out from over a decade of managing a fast paced career and lifestyle. Although I did spend some time last year consulting, writing and creating, my focus was primarily on self-development and restoration. But as the new year rang in I could feel in my bones that this was the time for me to re-emerge into the world. But there was a (slight) problem: I was no longer the same person that I had been before! My life, world view and priorities had shifted so radically that I had no framework for operating in this new way – and I had so much to share I was almost bursting.

So many questions arose: what did I want to offer? How could I best serve the world in these testing times? What was my why?

So as 2017 drew to a close, I reached in deep. I connected with my truth and really felt for the answers.

Now although the answers to these questions are ever-evolving, I feel that – at least for now – I have reached a point of clarity. Yay! Yay! Yay!

And here it is: for so long I struggled – really struggled – with feeling fulfilled with my career and place in the world, and I wanted desperately to just know that one thing that I was here to do. This frustration and desire lead me down many paths for many years, seeking answers. Prior to my sabbatical, I was depressed, disillusioned and burnt out.

But what I learnt in the past year was that when I was prepared to make the commitment to go deep, learn and trust, everything could be shifted: Most of all – my perspective! I realised how much I had overlooked and how – for all those years of unhappiness in my career – I was keeping myself disempowered and unfulfilled. 

My why:

More than anything, I want to share the insights and strategies I learnt (and continue to apply every day) in the hope that I may help alleviate the frustrations of others who – like me – may feel unfulfilled and not fully aligned with their calling in life.

I want to help people to heal their relationships to their work and give their unique gift to the world by finding their truth.

So now what?

Over the past weeks I have been working night and day on a new offering called “Life, Work and You”. It’s a personal development academy and blog that will enable me to share my insights and tools with others. I will be moving this blog to the new platform in time, and offering loads of advice and resources to anyone struggling with these issues. I will introduce the new platform in March and, if this may be of interest to you (or perhaps a loved one), stay tuned.

A fun ‘test’ to find your why:

For now I leave you with this tip from one of my favourite authors, Jeff Goins. In finding your world view, complete this sentence (with the idea that is most important to you):

“Every ____ can/should ____________.”

e.g. every woman should feel secure when walking in the woods.

Let it lead you deep into understanding your why.

Please share yours with me – I would love to hear it!

With love,

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