Why so many people don’t see themselves as creative

A couple days ago I met a true power woman. She runs a successful business, lectures and is passionate about making a difference. She looks after her health and is a dedicated mom. She was telling me about her new home renovation plans and her love for gardening. I made a remark about her creative ability, to which she laughed and said “Me? No ways. I’m not creative. I wish!”

As someone who is passionate about creativity in all its forms, it made me stop to think about why this woman – and so many other men and women – don’t believe they are creative. Self-belief is the first step to accomplishing anything in our lives, so if we desire more creativity we need to believe that we are worthy of it!

The logical explanation for her sentiment may be that, in general, we define a creative person as someone who does creative work for a living (a steady, sufficient income, that is). We would all agree that celebrated artists, musicians, actors, florists and photographers fall into this category. Some of us may extend the definition of a creative to hobbyists – being people who may not earn money from their creative pursuits but dedicate sufficient time in their lives to their chosen craft.

But is this all there is to being a creative?

I don’t think so.

Every one of us is equally creative beyond measure. It’s our birth right. 

You see, creative energy is the energy of life itself. Every being on this planet exists as a result of that creative energy. Just pause and think about that. Every thing that has ever been created – from a child, to a cement brick to a clothes peg – is the result of creative energy. Every meal you have ever eaten, outfit you’ve worn or conversation over coffee, is a reflection of your creative choices.

Although not all of us have focussed that creative energy on traditionally artist fields, we all use it every day in differing measures. Don’t discount the creative energy in the office: we have to make judgment calls when things aren’t going well, come up with plan B when the manager dismisses an idea, or find a compromise with a difficult colleague. But most of us have bought into a belief that creativity is something special, reserved for the special chosen few. But it’s not!

However, it may be true that although you have creative energy within you, the amount of that energy you are currently exposed to or using, may not be enough to make to really feel your creative connection to life. This is where our craving for more ‘creative stimulation’ arises. So although you may feel called to quit your job to paint portraits,  you are really being called to invite more creativity into your life. 

If you start to consciously connect with creativity, you’ll feel more fulfilled without needing to go to drastic measures, or believe that your creativity is something that will have to wait until your retirement. Tapping into more of our creative energy allows us to expand and grow in new ways. The very essence of what it means to be a creative being!

So how can you expand on your innate creative energy?

1. See yourself as creative genius in all your endeavors. Whether its planting a veggie garden, putting together a sales pitch or learning photography, you need to back yourself. Dream big.

2. Learn as much as you desire about your interests and then discard the rules. And don’t compare yourself to others (refer to point 1 above)!

3. Take time to prioritize creativity in your life. Do one thing every day that makes your creative energy swell. Cook an adventurous meal, play a game with your dog, or sing in your car. When I was working long days in a law firm, I would doodle for hours during meetings or conference calls. I was still listening attentively, but my doodling gave me lots of satisfaction!

4. Take time to connect with yourself daily. You can do this through reflection, meditation or a mindful coffee break. But you need solitude and the intention to really connect with your internal life force (your creative energy!). Really feel it.

5. Let it all go. Stop the striving. Don’t make “be more creative” another thing on your to-do list.

6. Play. I can’t emphasize this enough. Sing out loud, dance in your pajamas, talk to the trees. By connecting with your true nature and life force, you’ll start to dance in life’s creative beauty.

By embracing creativity in all her forms, you’ll start to feel connected to life in new ways. It will spill over into both your personal and professional life. You may start to see things differently or approach old problems with new solutions. Best of all, you may inspire those around you to be more creative and many creative people collaborating is where the magic happens!

If you would like to learn more about connecting with your true, creative nature, download my free e-book on my site by clicking here.

With playful wishes for life in true colour!

Nicola xx

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